Dynamic Hip Screw in Bangladesh

Dynamic Hip Screw

A Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) is a surgical implant used in the treatment of certain types of hip fractures. The device consists of a large screw that is placed into the femoral head (the top of the thigh bone), which is then anchored into the neck of the femur (the area just below the femoral head) using a plate.

The DHS is designed to provide stability to the fractured bone and allow it to heal properly. The screw is dynamic, meaning that it allows some motion between the femoral head and the plate, which can help to distribute forces across the bone and prevent stress on the implant.

Unmatched Hip Fracture Repair – Dynamic Hip Screw Service


The DHS is typically used to treat fractures of the femoral neck, which is a common site of hip fracture in elderly patients. It may also be used in some cases of intertrochanteric hip fractures, which occur in the area just below the femoral neck.

  • Decreased hospital stay
  • Rapid return to normal activities
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Improved quality of life post-surgery


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Overall, the DHS is a well-established surgical technique for the treatment of certain types of hip fractures. However, like all surgical procedures, it does carry some risks, and patients should discuss the potential benefits and risks with their healthcare provider.

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