Ilizarov Surgery in Atrhoplasty Bangladesh

The Ilizarov technique is a surgical method that involves using a specialized external fixator device to treat complex bone fractures and other orthopedic conditions. The method is named after its inventor, Gavriil Ilizarov, a Russian orthopedic surgeon who developed the method in the 1950s.

The Ilizarov device consists of thin wires or pins inserted into the bone on either side of the fracture, then attached to a metal frame placed outside the body. The frame is adjustable, which allows the surgeon to manipulate the position of the bones and apply controlled tension to the fracture site, promoting bone growth and healing.

Ilizarov Surgery in Atrhoplasty Bangladesh

The Ilizarov technique is particularly useful in cases of nonunion (failure of a bone to heal) or malunion (healing of a bone in an abnormal position), as well as in cases of bone lengthening and correction of deformities. It is also used in cases of limb length discrepancy, where one limb is longer than the other.

One of the benefits of the Ilizarov technique is that it allows patients to bear weight on the affected limb during the healing process, which can help to prevent muscle atrophy and other complications associated with prolonged immobilization. However, the device can be cumbersome and requires careful maintenance to prevent infection.

Overall, the Ilizarov technique is a valuable tool in the treatment of complex bone fractures and other orthopedic conditions and has been used successfully in many patients around the world.

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